as pure as nature inteded

We dreamed about wearing something that could always be comfortable, always getting along with body temperature, no matter the environment.

We created it by bringing together swiss design and italian craftsmanship.

making wool clever

APANI Ready to Wear takes its inspiration from nature and from merino wool, constantly keeping sheeps warm and cozy.

We came to understand that only by working on something so precious as wool, we would have been able to deliver the perfect fabric.

That’s where our patented technology starts from.

small works better

Wool fibers at their usual thickness just don’t transpire properly. APANI wool fibers are only 16.5 microns thick, letting fabric breathe and release excessive heat, always keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

The outcome are breathable, utterly comfortable, elastic clothes designed to maximize freedom of movement while feeling one with nature.

made to last

We love quality and long lasting performances. APANI Ready to Wear entirely reflects this concept thanks to an accurate choice of raw materials and a thorough work on patents and manufacturing, leading to an exceptionally durable line of clothing.

dressing up naturally

Natural evolution has provided plenty of materials that are gentle on the skin and we choose the very best to be improved with our exclusive APANI technology, in order to give back premium lifetime quality garments.

as pure as nature intended